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Novermber 2011


pastor's page

November 2011

November 6

Forgetting is a normal phenomenon and absolutely common in a man’s life. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, instituted the tradition of Communion in “remembrance of Me” (1 Cor. 11:24b). Because the relationship of Christians with God is spiritual, it is necessary to repeat certain things in remembrance of Him, in order to avoid forgetting. The unleavened bread and wine are a symbol of the body and blood that was shed from the wounds of our Savior. The monthly repetition and great responsibility of remembrance is used to proclaim His death until we are reunited with Him in glory (1 Cor. 11:26). Why do we need to remember? What are we supposed to be proclaiming?

1. We need to remember our loyalty to the Savior, especially since he was betrayed by Judas. Loyalty to God was not a condition of the treatment of the disciples or others who surrounded Him. He was infinitely loyal to His earthly mission and in this manner today we are saved from our sins. Because of His loyalty He will one day return at the end of times to bring us into glory, ending our miserable existence on this earth.

2. We need to remember the truth given by God, despite the lies of the priests. His character was not a condition of the loss of integrity of the priests of the time. He did not even try a single time to make His earthly mission easier by not sharing the truth. He only spoke the truth, He was the Truth.

3. We need to remember Christ’s firmness, despite Pilot’s cowardice. The Governor compromised himself in order to maintain the privilege of his position, while the Savior was faithful until the end. Pilot’s cowardice did not negatively influence the stability of the Son of God through His ordeal.

4. We need to remember God’s goodness, despite the hard manner of the soldiers. He was beaten with cruelty, but He remained loving until the end, and His goodness is a humbling example of a truly good man’s character.

5. We need to remember the justice of the King, despite the injustice of his accusers. These defenders of justice, appointed by the Roman Empire to delegate justice in Israel, were partial, subjective, unjust and compromised, but all these things did not stunt the righteousness of the Son of God. He paid the price with a divine dignity, in order to save the seven billion people of our generation.

6. We need to remember the consecration of Jesus Christ, despite the indifference of many. One of the people in the crowd benefited from the mercy of God, but even this was not enough to end his indifference. This attitude of indifference makes him guilty in the eyes of God, who will one day judge sins committed and omitted according to the truth.

7. We need to remember the forgiveness given through Christ, despite the sins of Peter. The most prominent disciples failed his test of fidelity to the Savior, but God’s forgiveness brought him up again.

Today we are once again celebrating God’s Communion and the possibility of forgetting is trying to make God a stranger to us. Let us voluntarily and responsibly remember His loyalty and truth, His firmness and goodness; His righteousness, consecration and glorious forgiveness. Glory be to Him!