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The History of Bethany Church


The history of Bethany Church is unique, like all are, evidencing the providence of God who calls, prepares, and sends people for the fulfilling of His eternal interests. Pastor Teodor Luca, along with 24 families, held the first service on Sunday, February 3, 1985, in a specially chosen place at the intersection of Ashland and Foster in Chicago. God blessed this work and in a period of a year and a half the number of believers present at worship rose to 250. The place became too small and the church bought a larger space at 3434 Foster Ave., Chicago, where they continued to worship the Lord. Because in the fall of 1988 this space too had become too small for the approximately 400 believers present at service, a third space was bought, at 6130 California Ave., Chicago.

In the next two years, with great efforts, a new building was built in a different area to fulfill the needs of the 750 adults and 350 children who formed the church on the road to heaven. On Sunday, November 4, 2000, in an atmosphere of celebration, the sanctuary at 7301 N. Caldwell Ave., Niles was inaugurated and dedicated to the glory of God.

Now, the church is in a comfortable space, but in the past are over twenty years of effort, dedication, service, prayer, and holy unity. God has blessed his work and today, in Bethany Church, the spiritual activity is large and complex, based on the five functions of the New Testament Church: evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship, and service.

Groups and bands, traditional and contemporary bring praise to God and joy to the church. The major activities are the preaching of the Gospel, praise in worship song, and prayer. The spiritual education system is specific to each target age and comprises of children, youth, men, women, families, the elderly, and servants.

God is the one who has done all these things; He is the one who used people and circumstances to fulfill His will, to save, to heal, and to bless.

May God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit be blessed always!