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In life, often times we have the ability to offer. But once in a while, we need to receive. People are thirsty for fresh knowledge and modern technology challenges and amplifies curiosity. Our work, relationships, culture, our achievements in any field, our very existence, depends, generally speaking, on the capacity to know and to assimilate the huge amount of information that grows everyday. A new generation appeared on the scene of history, offering to serve our King Jesus Christ. This generation needs resources to develop their character to the level of holiness and ability that make their ministry excellent.

 A long time ago, on a sinister hill, shaped as a human skull, abandoned by friends and surrounded by enemies, our Savior Jesus Christ was dying on a cross to offer eternal life to all people. He was hurt in many places and He was bleeding, He was starving and thirsty for days, sleeplees for many nights; moreover, He was concerned for the 12 disciples in whose lives He had invested three and a half years, just so they could continue His work - but now they were all scared and hiding for fear. Hanging on a cross, as in a wall painting, He asked for some water to wet His lips - but was offered a disdainful mixture of vinegar and galls which amplifies thirst and pain. He, the One who created water, was not offered a few drops to calm His thirst. People did not offer Him even the most basic resources, although He is everyone`s Resource.



Our site`s resources are a modest and humble way to do somehting for Him and for the many disciples who love Him, follow Him, serve Him. We pray that they are an answer for those who seek God as the Ethiopian did, for those with a broken, aching heart, as Lazarus`s sisters`, for the elevated and educated, such as Nicodimus, or for those who want to spiritually grow and become God`s servants, such as Timothy.


We intend to offer these articles, sermons, and resources as the drop of water our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, needed on the cross.


Bethany Romanian Pentecostal Church encourages the listening, multiplication, and distribution of all resources on this website, only for NON-commercial purposes, in the name and for the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ. If you publish any materials from this website in printed or any other form, you must include a reference and link to and cite the copyright holder of the material.