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Youth Bible Contest



youth bible contest


- Published once a month in our bulletin -



  1. All un-married young personsparticipate (member or non-member of our church) in the Bible contest, published once a month in the church bulletin. The minimum age of participants is 14 years old. 
  2. Themay be written either on the church bulletin paper or on a separate sheet of paper.
  3. The answer paperinclude the first and last name of the participant and a contact phone number.
  4. Each answer must be legible and clearly stated (spelling counts!). If possible, add the Bible reference.
  5. By participating in this contest, you pledge to use only a hard copy of the Bible, and NOT make use of any electronic version of the Bible (nor any web search engine, online Bible tool, etc.) to search for answers.
  6. The answers must be submitted in the designated collection box (by the main entrance), by the due date – no exception.
  7. The names of the contest winner(s) will be published in the following week`church bulletin. If there are multiple winners, all winning contestants are invited to participate at the following Friday`s youth service where they`ll be asked a few Bible questions orally in order to break the tie and establish one prize-winning contestant.
  8. Themay consist of various items (such as books, CDs, DVDs, gift cards, etc.).
  9. Please address any suggestions, comments, or questions to the youth leader, Stefan Lozneanu.

February Contest (Questions & Answers)

  1. After resting on Mount Ararat for 40 days in the ark, what type of bird did Noah first send out? A raven—Genesis 8:6-7
  2. Pilate had an inscription written saying, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews," and put it on the cross above Jesus. It was written in what three languages? Hebrew, Latin and Greek—John 19:19-20
  3. Zipporah was married to a famous character in the Bible. Who was he? Moses—Exodus 2:21
  4. While Paul sailed to Rome, their ship ran aground on a reef in a storm, and everyone aboard managed to get safely to shore. Where were they? The island of Melita, newer translations call it Malta—Acts 27:41-44, 28:1
  5. Who dreamed of a tree that grew all the way to heaven? Nebuchadnezzar—Daniel 4:1-
  6. The book of Genesis mentions the first hunter. Who was he? Nimrod—Genesis 10:
  7. Lapidoth’s wife was famous for what? Her name was Deborah, and she was Israel's first woman judge—Judges 4:4-5
  8. What natural disaster happened when Abram and Sarai arrived in the land of Canaan? A famine (Gen 12:10
  9. What was the name of Ruth’s son? Obed (Ruth 4:17
  10. According to Peter, what “covers a multitude of sins”? Love (1 Peter 4:8)

WINNER: David Giurgiu - congratulations!

March Contest 

1. Who was Abraham`s grandfather?

2. Who said these words: "...the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here, has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit”?

3. Which lady was brought back to life by God through Peter?

4. What is the name of the king whose sons were killed before his eyes?

5. How old was Moses when God sent him to free the Israelites from Egypt?

6. Why did two of Aaron`s sons died?

7. In which desert was the cave where David had the chance to kill Saul, but did not do it? 8. What is the first step I should take if my brother sins against me?

9. Which two Bible characters became blind slaves, at the end of their lives?

10. What is the first parable written in the Bible?

WINNER: Valeryia Vesco  - congratulations!


 April Contest 



1. How many elders surround the throne of God in heaven?
2. Whom did Jesus send to prepare the Passover (Easter) dinner?
3. What was the name of the man who buried Jesus' body?
4. What was written above Jesus' head on the cross?
5. What was the name of one of the disciples that Jesus met on the road to Emmaus?
6. Who was the first man who, after Jesus` death, recognized that He was a righteous man (the Son of God)?
7. Which disciples ran to the tomb of Jesus?
8. What was the method used by the Roman soldiers to check if the crucified people had died?
9. Which disciple does the Bible mention as having gone fishing after Jesus resurrected?
10. For how many days did Jesus stay on Earth after His resurrection?


WINNER: DJ Brazovan. Congratulations!  



 May Contest  


1. What was the name of Samson`s father?

2. In which part of Eden did God place the cherubim to guard the way to the tree of life?

3. How old was Adam when Seth, his son, was born?

4. How long did Methuselah live?

5. What are the names of Noah`s sons?

6. Fill in the missing word and write the verse reference: "for though the righteous fall ....................times, they rise again."

7. Which animal is mentioned the most in the Bible?

8. What was the age difference between Moses and Aaron, his brother?

9. How many people were of the ship which took Paul to Rome, as a prisoner?

10. At the end of the flood, with what did the dove return to Noah`s ark? 


Due date: May 25


 July Contest


1. How old was Methuselah when he died?

2. How old was Joash when he became a king?

3. Towards which region did Cain leave when he was exiled?

4. How many years did Jacob serve in order to get Rachel as his wife?

5. Who is the only left-handed person mentioned in the Bible?

6. Who was Moses`s father-in-law?

7. How many people does the Bible mention (singling them out) that were raised from the dead? a. 3 b. 10 c. 17

8. Which of these had leprosy? a. Moses b. Judah c. Jonah

9. In the Bible, Noah is the name of a: a. man b. woman c. both

10. In which city did a centurion come to Jesus pleading to heal his paralyzed servant?


Due date: August 3