Projects 2016




 1. Remodeling Bethany Christian Ceneter

2. We produce and broadcast "The Good Shepherd" show on the NAȘUL TV, RTN, Alfa & Omega and B1 tv

3. A family of our church sponsors two pastors and a conductor in Romania.

4. The women`s department continues to sponsor two projects: Pastor Daniel Budişan from Buzău and a family of social workers from God`s Family  - Lydia Project

5. Sunday school continues to sponsor the orphanage Bethany House in Călăraşi, Romania.

6. We continue the weekly evangelization in prisons.

7. We organize the Pastors` Conference in Seattle, April 7-9 

8. We host and organize the Pentecostal Convention of the Romanian Churches in USA and Canada, September 2-5.